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We have a network of collaborators that allows us to meet any other linguistic need


Interpreting is our passion, and we view our work as translators as the perfect complement to this discipline. For more than 10 years we have served as interpreters at countless conferences and events of various kinds, in the areas of security, gender, literature, education, corporate internationalisation, cross-border cooperation, governance, telecommunications, history or agriculture. On every job we like to work hand in hand with the organisers in order to do thorough preparatory work tailored to each specific event. For us each and every interpreting project is a challenge and an opportunity to access valuable sources of knowledge, so we take our task very seriously. Thanks to our extensive network of partners and technical service collaborators we can handle any language combination and type of event, guaranteed.


The production of sworn translations in both English and French connects us with the public sector and private companies. We have extensive experience in the translation of official and company documents intended for international tender processes, including financial documents, such as balance sheets and account statements, and all types of contracts, notarial deeds and certifications. We also perform sworn translations of judicial documents, such as court rulings and arbitration statements and decisions, among others. Of course, we can also meet the sworn translation needs of private clients, more related to the academic and civil spheres.

Translation for the international cooperation sector, international organisations, universities, European programmes and public entities

Translation of art catalogues, tourist guides, brochures and promotional videos

Translation and editing of websites and audio-visual material, subtitling, and audio descriptions

Translation with CAT tools: Trados, Memsource, MemoQ

Revision of texts and linguistic advice in general

Interpreting on the radio, television, or via videoconference

Management of technical interpreting services: fixed and portable booths, and the soundproofing of rooms


Scientific articles and teaching materials, court documents, contracts, notarial documents, annual accounts, press releases, technical guides and manuals, corporate documentation, advertising materials, cooperation projects, environmental declarations, regulations and certifications, website content, medical reports, civil documentation, articles of association, territorial diagnoses


Congresses, press conferences, courses, seminars, product presentations, technical visits, notarial deeds, B2B meetings, conferences, assemblies, board of directors meetings, votes, fairs and exhibitions


Arroyo Traducciones, DO&GO,Traductores e Intérpretes del Sur, FUNDEA, Aula del Estrecho, Universidad de Cádiz, Azafatas Alhambra, UNDP, FAMSI, AGISE, 2041, Electrónica Galán, Coglobal, Sánchez & Beck Abogados, Capita, Catálogo, CICODE, Ecodes, Fundación Carasso, IEPALA, Iris Translators & Interpreters, Item Media, La Mota Ediciones, OMAU Málaga, Radisson Blu, Universidad de Málaga,  SAT Campos de Granada, Trágora, Universidad de Granada, Convenio CITES, ITC Worldwide


Inboca (or Dolores and Leticia) has been enthusiastically operating for more than 10 years, removing language barriers and enabling communication between people who speak different languages. In addition to satisfying our clients’ needs, we are eager to participate in your project, to get involved and contribute. 

With similar university education backgrounds, we both graduated from the Applied European Languages programme at the University of Granada’s Department of Translationand Interpreting, and completed the course to be a University Expert in Subtitling for the Deaf and Audio description for the Blind at the same university, our paths crossing in the year 2007. After different professional experiences, we started working together interpreting for a Master’s degree in European Cooperation Project Management. Over the course of these three months we realised that we formed a strong, cohesive and effective team. Our beginnings were closely linked to European international cooperation projects, mainly in North Africa, but also in other places. This allowed us to learn about territorial diagnosis and, from there, understand in greater depth how many areas of society are organised and function: education, governance, environment, citizen participation, public policies, and inclusion and exclusion of social groups, among others. We subsequently also began to produce more sworn and legal translations, an area in which we have translated a great variety of documents. We have been working ever since, and feel fortunate totruly enjoy our profession. We have managed to create stable and very satisfactory relationships with our clients, overcome challenges, and tackle very complex jobs with good results. And we still harbour that same desire to learn we did on our very first day.


In my professional career I have had the opportunity to approach this discipline from different angles: at a private and international company, ineducation, as a conference interpreting teacher at the University of Granada, and as a freelance translator and interpreter since 2003. Born into a Spanish-French household, and curious by nature, for me translating and interpreting is not only my profession, it is a calling. I love being in the booth, discovering new texts, putting myself in the shoes of those who write them, and those who read them, working as a team with colleagues, learning all about my clients, projects, and making communication flow by knocking down linguistic barriers. I believe that the work of a good interpreter allows the speaker and his/her audience to communicate in a fluid manner, with intonation and gestures helping to convey meanings. Above all, the interpreter’s work should go unnoticed, the focus always being placed on the exchange between those who need to communicate.


I discovered my penchant for languages during an academic exchange programme in France, at age 12, and ever since envisioned myself working in another language. I trained in Translation and Interpreting in Granada, Aix-en-Provence and Liverpool, and over the years I have also taken an interest in business management and the field of international cooperation and development. I learn from each project: conference interpreting at lectures on the situation of women in zones of conflict or the Amazigh heritage in Granada; translation of teaching material on protected species, art catalogues, or even technical documentation on desalination plants. I am as thrilled by the diversity of knowledge I acquire and the continuous learning by the job as the personal factor. It is motivating to be in contact with curious and ambitious people -whether they are clients or colleagues – who have valuable ideas and pursue interesting initiatives. Forging ties with these professionals and participating in their projects is a true privilege.

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